Helpful Hints for Owners

Listed below are a few things that may help you as an owner. 

  • Check the drainage pipes connected to your inside A/C unit. Every month or so, pour 1 cup of bleach or white vinegar in the pipes—most should have a cap or valve that can be removed. If yours does not, consider having a plumber install one. Change your filter monthly. Have your unit on the roof inspected periodically. The unit is the owner's property and the owner's responsibility to maintain and/or replace.


  • Leave the A/C on when you leave. A setting of 78 degrees should suffice—this will help stop mold.


  • Have someone you know check on your unit weekly when you are gone to be sure the A/C is running, a pipe has not leaked in your unit, a leak somewhere else has not caused a problem in your unit, and many other reasons.


  • Hire licensed contractors, even for inside repairs. Work that causes damage in your unit or others is your responsibility to pay for and repair in a timely manner.


  • Your mortgage company will likely send you a notice asking for verification of the Association's insurance policy. Contact our agent, Ranew Insurance, who will ensure this matter is handled quickly. Their information and directions are found in the "Insurance Information" section on the left side in the page menu. This is an annual issue for most owners. If you should need any additional assistance, please contact the Fountain Cove Office Manager.


  • Keep in mind that any leakage from storms that is the result of your unit's failure is your responsibility. The most common cause of leaks into other units (usually ones below you) is the failure to properly maintain window and slider track seals. For example (and this has happened before), a storm blows water into unprotected lanais. It reaches the sliders and seeps down the unsealed screw holes into the unit below. During a big storm or hurricane, this can be a huge amount of water and subsequent damage.


  • If you are selling, download or have your Realtor download the Condo Docs (Governing Documents) from the website, as well as any minutes they may need. Financial information is the responsibility of the Owner to give to the seller. The Board of Directors and Office Manager cannot give out this information due to liability issues.


  • Get to know your neighbors! They are all wonderful people and great sources of useful information.

  • Attend Board meetings. This is one of the best ways to ensure you are kept up on all issues concerning your property and the community property. Participation by owners helps Fountain Cove Condominium remain one of the most desirable places to live in Cocoa Beach!

(Note: This list is intended to be helpful and is not to be relied upon as legal advice.)